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🎉 Purchase residential proxies at 🎉
🎉 Purchase residential proxies at 🎉



Introducing Spectre Metrics. Take your reselling to the next level with the most advanced tool on the market!


- Dashboard: Analytical graphs, inventory & sales tracking, top selling brands & sizes.

- Upcoming: All upcoming releases, dates, & retail pricing.

- Inventory: Keep track of inventory, automatically add items via market search, easily move inventory ---> sales

- Market: Search any item on the market. Pulls & displays all pricing data from Stockx, GOAT, & Flightclub.

- Sales: Keep track of sales, SYNC sales from Stockx, automatically add items via search!

- Earnings: Detailed graphical information analysis & earning report of user sales statistics.

- Deliveries: Upload tracking number & keep updated with status of your packages all in one place!

- To-Do: Stay organized

- Expenses: Keep track of all expenses: proxies, cook groups, servers, phone bill, anything!.

- Calculator: Easily estimate your fees from any platform!

- Settings: Upload your stockx account info to sync sales & inventory. Deactivate here.

DISCLAIMER: Only compatible with devices that run the iOS operating System. As this is a digital products there are absolutely no refunds or cancellations of any kind. No warranties and/or guarantees to the lifetime of the product. All purchases final.